A 10-Gigabit fiber network with 28,580 wired ports

802.11abn/ac wireless network with 2,088 access points
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Connecting the Campus

The Networking Operations Center connects the university's communications and information systems together using Ethernet, fiber optics, and WiMax technologies. Our wireless campus makes access to the Internet and internal systems fast and easy. No matter what you want to do, Ball State has the networking capabilities to keep pace with your communications, information, and academic needs. From transferring information between buildings to teleconferencing with a class in Korea, you'll have the necessary bandwidth and the resources to do it at your fingertips.

Light + Wire

Ball State has more than 8,053 wired ports in our residence halls, 2,088 access points throughout our wireless campus, and more than 28,500 wired ports using a 10-Gigabit fiber network.